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About Sparkplug Digital

Sparkplug Digital is a Seattle-based online marketing firm established in 2009. We work with a variety of small-to-medium sized organizations, partnering with them to help achieve their online marketing goals via tactics such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media.

We pride ourselves on really getting to know your organization, your consumer base, your overall marketing goals, and how your industry operates — all so that we can provide focused help in defining, tracking and reaching your online marketing goals. Our goal is to empower our clients with a solid understanding of the online marketing tactics at our disposal, how they can impact the bottom line, and how they can best be integrated into your ongoing marketing efforts. While Sparkplug Digital works with all types of organizations, we have been developing a particular expertise within the tech, start-up, nonprofit and educational sectors.

Ultimately – your success is our success – and so we pursue your online marketing goals with the same genuine passion and commitment as your own employees. Our team works extremely hard on implementing the strategies and tactics our clients agree upon — providing understandable, measurable results so that you fully understand our work’s impact and your ROI.

Our History

Sparkplug Digital was launched in 2009 by three online marketing fanatics who happened to be good friends. Already mesmerized, intrigued and captivated by the potential of technology on the internet, they saw a real need for a digital marketing agency that genuinely works to empower its clients while helping them achieve their goals using measurable, integrated, and ethical online marketing tactics. To meet this demand, Sparkplug Digital was born.

Today, Sparkplug Digital continues to grow, adding talented and experienced staff who contribute their expertise and passion in helping our clients meet their goals. While we may be growing, we are forever committed to maintaining the “feel” of a boutique firm with a responsive and personalized touch.

Our Mission

To empower companies and nonprofits to achieve their marketing goals via measurable, integrated, and ethical online marketing tactics.

Our Core Values:


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