10 Ways To Generate Quality Content For Your Company Blog

Quality content is one of the important factors of getting your company website found in Google.

“Search engines like fresh content with lots of links” -Mike Volpe VP Inbound Marketing at Hubspot

You want to post new content to your site as frequently as possible. If you are serious about driving traffic to your site, you should post 3 new articles per week. This keeps your site fresh, so the Google spiders will visit your site more often. Each article is also an opportunity to get links, which will count toward the total for your main website (as long as the blog is in a subfolder like www.seattledentist/blog).

But generating great content on a regular basis can be challenging. Here are 10 ideas for generating frequent content that Google and your target customer will love.

1. Involve everyone in your company
This can be harder said then done. Not everyone sees themselves as a writer, but everyone has valuable information to contribute. Utilize the collective knowledge of your company staff to generate content. Sometimes this will take encouragement or education about the value of writing articles for SEO.

2. Write HowTos
Almost any company has knowledge that can be useful to the customer. If you are a dentist, you can write articles about how to prevent cavities. If you are a home builder you can write how to select a good home location.

3. Interview People
People like to be interviewed because it makes them feel important. You can interview people at your company, business partners, or customers. If the interviewee has a blog, they will often link to the interview.

4. Write About an Interesting Blog Post

You can quote an interesting blog post and provide your own ideas on the topic. Fair use laws allow you to quote part of a copyrighted material as long as you are providing commentary on it. It is good web etiquette to link back to the original article and not abuse this by copying too much of the article.

5. Syndication
You can get permission to republish entire articles from the author and repost them on your site. You should get permission to change the title and write a short intro to the article to prevent Google from ignoring it as “duplicate content”. Creative Commons licensed work, often allows you to republish articles without asking, as permission is implied.

6. Lists
People love lists because they are a useful source of information or recommendation. An example is “The Top Ten Marketing Podcasts” or “The Top 5 Financial Planning Books for 2010” or “10 Reasons To Install Attic Insulation”.

7. Common Customer Questions
Writing about common customer questions can be a great source of information for customers. It can also help prospective customers to find your business if they Google a certain question that you have written about.

8. Hire a writer to blog
Using services like Elance or Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can post jobs for writing a blog post about a particular topic. You can also use Craiglist to find people who are willing to write for you at a relatively low cost. Offering $10 for a 300 word article will have many takers.

9. Review a book, article, or resource about your industry
You probably seek out information resources to learn more about your industry. You can review whether you found the resource valuable, and what you learned.

10. Discuss industry news or industry trends

If you hear about a new technology in your field you can share it on your blog. You can also talk about industry trends that you see, for instance, how the internet impacts your field.

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