23 Quick SEO Tips from SMX Advanced Seattle 2012

SMX Advanced Seattle is held each summer in the Emerald City and features presentations by the most respected SEOs in the industry. Here are a few of the quick tips that were shared this year. Thanks to everyone who liveblogged the conference and shared their takeaways.

Authority Building Versus Link Building In a Search Meets Social World Managing Greatness
-If you were hit by Panda, get rid of low quality content on your site.
-If you are not getting page speed warnings, you will get diminishing returns from increasing site speed.

The Matt & Danny Show Managing Greatness
-Google is doing Penguin and Panda updates about once a month.
-Panda and Penguin are algorithmic so if you improve you should recover.
-Google confirms that the search quality team does not use Google analytics data.

Surviving Personalization with Google and Bing – SMX Advanced 2012 Bruce Clay
-Curated lists of resources can be effective.

Hardcore SEO and Social Power Tools – SMX Advanced 2012 Bruce Clay
-Content marketing works better than ever before.
-People on Pinterest don’t like data (infographics).

SMX Advanced Live Blogging Post 1 Portent
SMX Advanced Live Blogging Part 2 Portent
-Learn about the people you are asking for links.
-Use humor when emailing webmasters or help them out in some way.
-Give badges to sites that say that you think their site is awesome.
-Podcasts are earning a ton of links.

Live From SMX Advanced: Surviving Personalization with Bing & Google Search Marketing Sage
-Target specific people with your content.

iSEO: Doing Mobile SEO Right – SMX Advanced 2012 Outspoken Media
-You don’t necessarily need a .mobi domain to be successful at mobile SEO.

SMX Advanced Awesomeness Recap Casie Gillette
-Networking parties are a great place to meet the people you want to meet.
-Top 12 lists work better than top 10 lists.

3 Lessons for Search Engine Optimization After SMX Advanced 2012 Bruce Clay
-SEO is getting harder.
-A link disavow option may be coming but it is months away according to Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts On Penalties Vs. Algorithm Changes, A Disavow-This-Link Tool & More Search Engine Land
-The percentage of no-follow links on the Web is single digits.
-Just be awesome. Don’t try to fake awesomeness.
-You can document your efforts to remove bad links and send it to Google.
-Penguin and Panda are not penalties, they are algorithm updates.
-Matt recommends no-following affiliate links.

Flickr Creative Commons Photo courtesy of Michael Dorausch

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  1. So it means that linkbuilding is totally disadvantageous now? How are we supposed to get backlinks from reputable websites?

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