3 SEO Tips for Startups from the SEOMoz Webinar

SEOMoz recently released a great new webinar led by Tom Critchlow from Distilled that provides a lot of helpful tips on SEO for startups (pro-membership required). I wanted to share and discuss some of the top takeaways from the webinar. If you are not a SEOMoz Pro member yet, we highly recommend it and you can sign up for a free trial here.

1. Use Video

Tom talked about how video is one of the secret weapons of SEO because people not only link and share videos but they also show up in search results. A great example of this is the video by Chow.com on “how to cook bacon” which shows up prominently on the first page of results. I have found that videos can be a great way to rank highly for a competitive keyword phrase, mainly because there is much less competition.

2. Self-Host Your Videos

Instead of hosting your videos on YouTube, Tom recommends hosting the video on your own site for added SEO benefit. There are several good video hosting services like Wistia or Vimeo that will serve your videos for you for a modest fee. One advantage is this is that your site will get credit for any links to the video instead of YouTube. Additionally, when your video shows up in Google’s search results, the visitor will go to your site instead of YouTube when they click on the link to your video in the SERPs. This can bring a potential customer one step closer to conversion.

3. Creating remarkable content makes SEO easier

Tom states that when you create great content that people love then doing SEO is a lot easier. If you have awesome content that people would want to link to naturally, then it is just a matter of getting the content in front of the right people who can link to it or spread it. I think that if you don’t have any content on your site that is interesting or helpful to people, trying to get links can be very difficult.

You can learn more by watching SEOMoz’s webinar.

Charles Sipe is Director of Search at Sparkplug Digital, an online marketing firm providing SEO for startups and tech companies. You can contact him at charles(at)sparkplugdigital.com or follow him on Twitter at @charlessipe.

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