5 Must Read Books on Content Marketing and Strategy

If you’re curious about how to get started with content marketing or are looking for a fresh perspective, look no further; these 5 books are the crème de la crème on the topic.

Content Rules

The mantra of Content Rules is to get you (the reader) thinking in terms of content on a broader scale. While some content strategists will often put all their emphasis towards text, and in particular site copy, Content Rules goes a step further and also discusses the importance of video, podcasting, and social media. Co-authors Ann Hardley and C.C. Chapman’s multifaceted approach to content makes Content Rules a clear choice for beginners and those who are still on the fence and looking for hard evidence.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Don’t let its short page count fool you, The Elements of Content Strategy is packed full of useful information. Author Erin Kissane knows her stuff and it really shows. This book is clear and direct (just like solid content should be) and wastes little time skating around the reasons why content strategy deserves a seat at the table in terms of marketing budget and attention. A very deserving addition to anyone’s library and a perfect fit for the already excellent A Book Apart series.

Content Strategy at Work

The newest book to the list, Content Strategy at Work by Margot Bloomstein, is a great starting point for those with backgrounds in SEO, social media, or design. Bloomstein effortlessly ties common marketing disciplines to the emerging forefront of content marketing and does so by providing ultra-readable and down to earth case studies. The real lesson presented here, and what drives this book, is to give the user a better experience, a goal that all marketers, regardless of background, shouldn’t find much trouble getting behind.

Managing Content Marketing

For those working in a large corporate team environment or the overachievers who have highly ambitious goals for their web content, Managing Content Marketing is the must have book on this list. To an extent unlike any other book currently on the market, Managing Content Marketing sets out an unshakable ROI backed argument on not just the why, but also the how of content strategy. The information alone presented on developing a workflow specifically for content, is itself worth the purchase price.

Content Strategy for the Web

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson is on the top end of the short list of the best books ever written on the topic. Halvorson’s gift for communication is evident from page one and makes for an engaging read. The layout of the book and the way the information is organized, taking the reader from the doorstep of content marketing to a thorough understanding, is second to none. The recommendations on content audits and long term maintenance were personal standouts, and shouldn’t go unnoticed by those with a particular knack for design and UX. If you’re serious about content strategy to any extent, it doesn’t get any better than this.

  1. Dan…. I so appreciate the shout-out – and the wonderful review. I’m so glad it resonated for you.



  2. Great post and recommendations. I really liked Content Rules. It had a lot of actionable tips for effective content marketing.

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