5 Reasons Your Business Should Use HootSuite

It’s no secret, HootSuite is one of the best social media dashboards on the market. Last month I conducted an impartial synopsis of the top 4 social media dashboards and HootSuite stood up amongst the competition. CoTweet is a compelling option at the enterprise level and TweetDeck is great for personal use, but as far as value for cost is concerned, no dashboard is better than HootSuite.

It’s made to fit any budget

HootSuite Basic, the entry level option, is free and includes up to 5 social network profiles and 2 RSS feeds. HootSuite Pro comes in at a cost of only $5.99 per month and makes for a great investment. It includes unlimited social network profiles, enhanced social analytics, Google analytics integration, and the ability to incorporate Facebook insights. Additional team members can be added for $15 per month.

Analytics reports

Prior to this year’s South by Southwest festival, HootSuite unveiled its freshly enhanced version of social analytics and needless to say there’s a lot to love. Pro users can choose from 30 different report templates or create a custom report and print or export the data to a PDF file if so desired. Custom Ow.ly links are used to track click through rates and can determine demographics such as region and referral source.

Contact management system

Anyone who has tried organizing custom lists through Twitter knows how much of a hassle it can be. HootSuite’s version of contact management includes the ability to view custom lists and it’s easy to add, remove, and shift users between lists. The dashboard reveals a user’s Klout score and provides links to profiles on Quora, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Reddit and just about any social networking site one could imagine.

HootSuite University

HootSuite Univeristy is HootSuite’s training module. The HootSuite faithful who are committed to getting the most out their dashboard can learn how to optimize their use of the tool through an exclusive forum, webinars, and training modules. Once certification is received graduates receive a badge that they can display on their website.

Excellent customer service

Last but not least, HootSuite is known for their commitment to customer service and they use UserVoice to track customer suggestions and gather feedback. The customer help desk is timely with their response and if all else fails sending a shoutout to @HootSuite_help is a good way to get a question answered.

Still not convinced? Use the free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro and test drive it for yourself. 

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