5 Recommended Social Media Books

Looking for a good book on social media? There’s a lot to choose from and unfortunately many are repetitive and offer very little concrete advice. Authors that preach the importance of social media are a dime a dozen, but those that can actually provide case studies and techniques worth learning from are rare. Another challenge is that the social media landscape changes fast and thus many books that were written only a coouple years ago contain out of touch information. With that being said, there are still a handful of soon to be classics that remain relevant to this day.

Here is some of the best on the topic:

The New Community Rules

In 2009 Tamar Weinberg took an in depth look at how businesses can use social media marketing to reach new customers. The New Community Rules is full of examples and how to advice. It adheres to all the fundamentals and shows the reader how to set clear goals, reach those goals, and track progress along the way. If you were to read only one book make it this one. A comprehensive guide from start to finish.

Viral Loop

Viral Loop is great for anyone who works at or owns a startup and for those who are looking to create compelling online content. Adam Penenberg  discusses what it means to many a company and an idea go viral. He looks at the rampant growth of companies such as Twitter, Myspace, and YouTube and analyzes how they grew to become so large in a rather short amount of time. Penenberg gives tips on how web 2.0 companies can gain viral traction. The angle is unique and makes for a good read.


Although the term engage itself has become somewhat of a broken record, Brian Solis is as authentic as they come. In this book Solis lays out how brands can be successful by connecting with online influencers and managing their reputation online. Solis has proven credentials and backs up all of his claims. The book covers the ground from entry level to more advanced enterprise level material.

Here Comes Everybody

Clay Shirky has to be one of, if not the best, thinkers when it comes to the social web. Shirky is an expert in the field because he’s always thinking big picture and looking steps ahead of everyone else. Some might call him a futurist, but in Here Comes Everybody he’s able to dissect principals such as social sharing, collaboration, the formation of online groups, and the future of media. An eye opening read to say the least. His latest, Cognitive Surplus, is also a worthwhile read.

How to Make Money with Social Media

I highly recommended this book for small business owners. It’s a straightforward no frills type of look at social media marketing tactics that really work. A portion of information presented is some of the best I’ve found in any marketing book, let alone a social media marketing book. Check out the full review.



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