5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Facebook Insights

Insights, the powerful analytics component of Facebook pages, is a far too often underutilized and misunderstood tool. Facebook provides a FAQ on Insights, but not much on interpreting the data.

Here are 5 tips for reading beyond the numbers and getting the most out of the information:

1. Look for changes in active users.




Active users is the amount of people who’ve interacted with or viewed a page or its posts. It covers data for both fans and non fans. This is a snapshot of how many people are viewing the page and is a more accurate picture of how many people are being reached as opposed to just looking at the number of likes a page has. It’s a good idea to monitor this data at least once a month.

2. Determine what types of posts earn the most feedback.

This is some of the most valuable data included within Insights. Under the Interactions menu Facebook will tell you which posts earned the highest conversion percentage based on feedback. It’ll let you know what types of content are making the biggest impact via likes and comments.

3. Keep an eye on unsubscribers.

This chart, found under the Users menu, will plot new likes against those who’ve unliked the page. Again this is another metric for understanding what type of impact your page is having. No page will be able to retain all subscribers (likes), but it’s important to be watchful if an unusual amount of unlikes have been earned over a span of time. It could indicate that your posting too often or posting material that doesn’t resonate with the audience.

4. Monitor the progress of custom tabs.

At the bottom of the Users menu Facebook provides data on which tabs are receiving the most amount of views. The wall tab or initial landing tab will receive the most views and every other tab is ranked in order from most popular to least. This will let you compare the popularity of tabs and can help when it comes to determining that it may be time to delete or replace a tab with something new.

5. Know your audience.

It’s easy to take data for granted, but Facebook Insights provides valuable demograpic information that shouldn’t be overlooked. By paying attention to your audiences age, gender, language, and location, you’ll be better positioned to market and speak to them both on and off of Facebook.

Do you have any additional tips or questions on using Facebook Insights? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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