5 Unconventional Methods for Finding Fresh Blog Content

One of the most daunting challenges when it comes to blogging is the act of delivering fresh content on a regular basis. Unfortunately many first time business bloggers underestimate (sometimes severely) the amount of creativity required to keep a blog going. Ultimately the lack of fresh content is the reason why many writers often abandon their blogs. At Sparkplug Digital we’re advocates of business blogging and understand how difficult it can be to consistently come up with new content. Next time you get stuck look to one of these 5 places for inspiration.

Answer a common question

Have you noticed that different customers/clients tend to ask the same exact questions? Why not answer common questions with a blog post? If a question keeps coming up on a regular basis consider writing about it. A blog post can serve as a great opportunity to answer questions out in the open.

Look to your community

Every business, regardless of size or location, has a community it can turn to. The community can be virtual, an actual geographical area, or a combination of the two. If you’re located in a large city, write about local news that’s related to your industry. If you sell a niche product or service, try and become a leading informational resource for your customers.

Examine the comments

Be it positive, negative, or neutral, the comments left on your blog serve as a valuable snapshot as to what readers are actually thinking. A comment left on one post could be the spark that ignites the foundation for the next. Comments will help gauge feedback and can act like a compass that guides the direction of future content.

Stay on top of the latest news and trends

What’s new in your industry? What’s the topic, product, or event that’s receiving a lot of buzz right now? More importantly, how can you bring a fresh perspective to the table? There’s nothing wrong with going after news worthy material so long as you’re adding value.

Leverage past achievements

If a blog post receives a significant amount of traffic, backlinks, or any form attention across the social web, it would be wise to try and build upon that momentum. What made this particular post stand out? Have you found a topic that hits a nerve with your readers? Don’t hesitate to stick with a winning formula.

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