5 YouTube Alternatives for Video Promotion

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, loves YouTube. Not only is it the most popular video sharing platform, but the competition isn’t even close. There are many reasons to choose YouTube: great analytics, customizable channels, and for obvious reasons it performs well in Google search. With that being said, it’s good to know that you have choices when it comes to promoting online video. If you’ve yet to do so, check out these options:


More than just a destination to upload video, Dailymotion has created a mini community of sorts. Dailymotion viewers have the opportunity of choosing videos based upon channel type such as art, music, college, tech and science, news and politics, + more. Videos can be organized by country, view count, and by rating. Dailymotion provides on and off page viewing analytics and is also home of a feature called Videowall, which gives users an ability to generate an impressive looking video selector widget.


Viddler has differentiated itself from the pack by offering some rather unique features when it comes to video hosting. One thing that makes Viddler stand out is the built in ability to tag videos and add items such as links and comments that pop up while the video plays. For a premium, Viddler also helps with pre-roll advertising and branding your logo onto the player. If you’re averaging over 5000 views a month or more Viddler will also allow you as a  publishers to take part in a share of ad revenue.


If you’re promoting a web show of any variety, Blip.tv is worth checking out. Blip Networks is on a mission to build a platform for web based TV and those who create online based web shows will benefit the most. Blip.tv has partnered with Fortune 500 corporations to provide ad revenue for all videos that they host. Revenue is modestly split 50/50 between host and publisher.


Are you producing quality content that’s highly entertaining? If so, Metacafe might be a channel worth considering. Metacafe has a built in audience that visits regularly for fun, fast, and sharable entertainment. Music, TV, sports, and video games are all represented. If your material is good enough, Metacafe could be a smart way to gain attention quickly.


We’ve saved the best for last. Possibly the most important tool on this list, TubeMogul is a service that syndicates your videos across a multitude of channels. TubeMougl will push vidoes out to YouTube, iTunes, Yahoo! Video, Myspace, Viddler, and a handful of others. They also provide free analytics for publishers. Views can be tracked by location, search terms, and traffic sources. A highly valuable resource to say the least.

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