7 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

The staff here at Sparkplug has a incurable infatuation with analytics. We  love measurable data and the tools that provide it to us. When you track data, you can track behavior, and find ways to improve online marketing efforts. Unfortunately tracking social media use has not always been an easy task. It requires a bit of creativity and a smart choice of applications. Check out some of the ones we’ve grown to love:


We’ve posted before about our love for Twitalyzer. It’s hands down one of the best (mostly) free applications for measuring Twitter activity. It measures a wide range of data such as influence, engagement, generosity, and reach. The visualizations and graphs are astounding.


Outside the fact that bit.ly is useful for shortening urls, it’s also incredibly valuable for tracking the amount of clicks a url gets. The application tracks clicks for 30 days and lists the referring site and country of origin.


Did you hear that Klout now incorporates Facebook data? The application is well known for it’s Twitter analysis, but has recently started tracking Facebook activity as well. A users Klout score is determined by calculating 35 different variables and the entire approach is very scientific in nature. The site will also lists possible ways to improve your score. It shouldn’t be the only defining benchmark you’re paying attention to, but it’s one that is worth tracking nonetheless.


An essential tool for those who are distributing video, TubeMogul will push out video to a variety of platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, blip.tv, Metacafe and more) all from one place. The site will then provide real time metrics that include views, location of viewership, and referring sites.


IceRocket is a tool that tracks the pulse of the web by searching websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and images. It works great as an all encompassing social search engine.

Twenty Feet

Twenty Feet will provide free measurement for one Twitter and one Facebook account. It’s charts are easy to read and fairly straightforward.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a powerful social search tool that prides itself in being the Google Analytics equivalent for social media. The site searches blogs, video, Facebook, Twitter, images, and even goes as far as to provide sentiment analysis and track the top users for a particular search term. The amount of data provided is truly incredible.

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