7 Simple Ways to Use Twitter

There are a lot of ways to utilize Twitter and although some may prove to be more productive than others, there really is no wrong way to Tweet. There’s an abundance of  “how to” Twitter articles, but when it comes down to it everyone is going to have his or her own approach. Instead of saying you should Tweet one way or not Tweet in another way, we figured it’d be more beneficial to lay the options on the table and leave it up to personal preference. Try one method and then switch to another and compare results. Maybe seek out a hybrid strategy that combines a couple different methods.

As an RSS feed.

On the Sparkplug account we often use Twitter to let followers know about our latest blog posts. It’s simple to do and a norm for most branded accounts.

As a content aggregator

A portion of followers are going to be bots and some will be spam accounts, but hopefully a good portion of them are interested in what your business has to offer to some extent or another. Take advantage by tweeting relative content. Mix it up (AKA don’t just Tweet TechCrunch all day) and throw in videos and pictures every now and then. It’s ok to retweet popular blogs, but don’t forget to help promote some of your followers content. They’ll often do the same in return.

As a customer service channel

Turn Twitter into a way to seek out customer service opportunities. Promote your account at your physical location or on your website and make an invitation for customers to @reply with questions. Larger brands can actively use search.twitter to find both positive and negative conversations and interject when necessary.

For competitive analysis

Create a list comprised solely of your competitors and key employees who work for your competitors. See how they use Twitter and keep up to date on what they’re doing. What have you go to loose?

For contests and giveaways

An easy way to get your customers actively promoting your brand on Twitter is to do a giveaway or throw a contest and have a retweet be a form of entry. For more check out this article: 8 Must Haves For Your Twitter Contest

For events

Twitter is a great way to promote events. Create a #hashtag and reach out to those who might be interested in attending. Also check out: How to Promote Your Next Event Online

For lead generation

Use search.twitter to find potential customers. Read: How to Use Search.Twitter to Reach New Customers

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