8 Seattle Businesses Using Traditional Methods to Promote Social Media

Are you a small business owner in Seattle? Looking for creative ways to drive customers to your social media accounts? Look no further. We’ve got 8 examples for inspiration.

Cherry Street Coffee
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Cheery Street is one of the most proactive coffee shops in Seattle when it comes to social media. At the 1st and Lenora location they have a sticker on their door promoting two different Twitter accounts.

Cupcake Royale
Twitter | Facebook | Yelp

Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill uses Yelp stickers to encourage visitors to review their establishment. It should come as no surprise that the shop currently has over 250 reviews and maintains a 4 star rating. They also use coupons (shown above) that only Facebook fans can redeem.

Zeitgeist Coffee
Twitter | Facebook

Seattle’s Zeitgeist Coffee uses this well designed poster to draw notice to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Taco Time
Twitter | Facebook

Taco Time uses the extra space on their menus to their advantage. Not only are they letting patrons know that they’re social media friendly, but they go a step further by telling them why they should join the community and what’s in it for them.

Perfect Copy and Print

A banner display from Perfect Copy and Print

UniCone Crepes
Twitter | Facebook

UniCone Crepes (formerly known as Unicorn Crepes) opts to go with posters in their store.

Blue Moon Burgers
Twitter | Facebook

Here’s a new one. Blue Moon uses napkin holders to introduce customers to their social networking accounts.

Hot Mama’s Pizza

Hot Mama’s generated a QR code using SPARQCode and then displayed it in their restaurant. It makes it easy for smartphone owners to “like” the Hot Mama’s Facebook page.

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