A Look at SocialBro, Twitter Analytics for Power Users

SocialBro is unlike any Twitter client currently on the market and considering it’s a free service, it’s even more surprising that it offers the depth of features that it does. At its core SocialBro is a tool for analyzing friends, followers, and Twitter activity. After synchronizing one or multiple Twitter accounts, SocialBro can determine users in your community who might be influential, a little too noisy, inactive, famous, or potential spammers. Unlike HootSuite or TweetDeck, SocialBro is less concerned with being a dashboard and more centered on tracking current followers and finding new ones. It’s a tool for power users and the most serious of account managers.

Best Time to Tweet

Among SocialBro’s most alluring capabilities is its ability to look at an account’s top 100 followers and determine when the best time to tweet might be. It’ll look at Twitter data and reveal what day and hour followers are most likely to be online, when the most ReTweet activity happens, and days and hours with the most potential reach. Some of the data is common sense (don’t Tweet at 3am on a Monday), but it’s  tailored to your individual accounts as opposed to being based on generic findings.


Do you know what percentage of your community Tweets in a langue other than English?
Or how many people are verified users?
How about the ratio of accounts that are public vs. private?

The insights in SocialBro reveal all of this plus much more.

Here’s a look at the map and total number of users based on location.


The search feature in SocialBro is nothing short of amazing. Filter users by amount of followers, tweets per day, time since their last tweet, age of account, language, and custom or default avatar. The advanced search feature lets a user search specifically by just location or profile bio. It’s ideal for building lists, cleaning up stale followers, analyzing competitors, and following keywords and hashtags. With SocialBro I was able to find out who Tweets in Seattle, has between 1000 to 10,000 followers, has an account over a year old, maintains a 0 to 1-2 follower to friend ratio and Tweets at least once per day. I was then able to add all of those people to a list wthout ever having to leave the application. Impressive isn’t a big enough word.

SocialBro is currently available as a dashboard application or as an extension for Chrome.

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