A New Seattle Tech Incubator and Microsoft’s New Cloud Service

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Wednesday March 23, 2011

Welcome to TechDwellers: An inside look at Seattle’s newest tech incubator GeekWire

Located at 4th Ave S and Michigan in Georgetown, TechDwellers boasts 40,000 sq ft, spectacular Seattle vistas, ample parking, startup-friendly flex leasing and both high and low-tech amenities. Staging events is one way the Benaroya Company hopes to boost exposure to make its new office space competitive with tech magnets like Pioneer Square and South Lake Union.

Microsoft Windows InTune debuts as business cloud service Seattle Times

Windows InTune is the new subscription IT management cloud service for business that could vie for the same turf as Microsoft’s own partners. Pushing partners out of the picture and arriving late on the scene are a couple complaints already lodged against the follow-up to Azure, but InTune also has its share of fans who eagerly await the launch of Office 365.

CloudSway wins $5,000 Intuit Collaboratory prize TechFlash

CloudSway’s clever smartphone capture solution to the problem of managing paper receipts claimed the cash award in the inaugural Intuit Collaboratory contest. Orchestrating the endless array of applications to optimize access for its clients is the goal of the cloud computing company headed by Scott West and headquartered at University Place in Washington.

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