A Summary of the New Google Analytics

After several weeks in beta, a new version of Google Analytics is now open to the public and there’s a lot to get excited about. Aside from a noticeably cleaner (web 2.0ish) look, Google Analytics is now faster and more robust than ever. As of yesterday any analytics user can now access the new version by clicking on “New Version” next to the email address in the upper right corner. It has all the functionality of the Google Analytics that you’ve come to know and love with a sharper looking navigation bar and a couple of useful additions.

New Dashboard and widgets functionality

The dashboard is the first thing that pops up when looking at reports. Analytics users will be happy to learn that up to 20 custom dashboards are available per profile and that they can all be fully customized with up to 12 different widgets. Widgets come in the form of a Pie Chart, Timeline, Table, or a Metric and can all be given a custom name.

Plot Rows

Plot Rows is a new feature that lets users put data into graph form via any two data tables. This feature is useful when the need comes up to compare two unique data sets (such as new visitors and returning visitors).

Event Tracking

The objective of Event Tracking is to give users the ability to set goals based on metrics other than those just related to pageviews. Some of what might fall under this umbrella include downloads of a file (such as a whitepaper or PDF file), video analytics, and interactions with Flash based items.

Upcoming new features

Features that have yet to be fully introduced include:

  • Exporting reports to PDFs
  • Email scheduling
  • New AdWords and AdSense account linking
  • The ability to email reports

Overall the latest version of Google Analytics appears to be the best yet. Look for it to only get better as Google works out any remaining bugs and continues to roll out new features.

Check out the Google Analytics Blog for all the latest news on the new version.
Need more help? The Google Analytics Help Center is a good place to start.

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