8 Resources for Learning About Advanced Keyword Research

Knowing the right keywords to target in your SEO efforts will make a tremendous difference in the success of an SEO campaign. The following articles provide actionable advanced keyword research tactics that you can implement today to improve your keyword targeting.

keyword researchHow to Improve Your Rankings with Semantic Keyword Research SEOMoz

Key takeaways: You can learn what words people use to describe something by reviewing how people use tags to describe their bookmarks on Delicious.com.

The 3-Step Process to Creating an Effective and Profitable Keyword Plan QuickSprout

Key takeaways: Only a few keywords will drive the most conversions. Map your target keywords to a target page.

10 Steps to Advanced Keyword Research SEOMoz

Key takeaways: Google Trends can provide insights into which keywords are decreasing in search volume. Sometimes the highest volume keywords don’t bring in the best traffic. Use multiple sources to find keyword search volume (Don’t forget about Bing’s keyword tool).

5 Tips for Conducting Semantic Keyword Research Search Engine Journal

Key takeaways: Semantic refers to the meaning of a keyword. Use naturally relevant language in content instead of stuffing exact keyword combinations. Use keywords that are thematically relevant in your content.

Advanced SEO Keyword Research Tips and Ideas! SEOMoz

Key takeaways: Use the SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty tool to determine which keywords to pursue. A good target is at least 350 monthly searches for a keyword.

Google Adwords API Extension for Excel SEOGadget

Key takeaways: This plugin for Excel was created by SEO Gadget to pull keyword search volume data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Writer’s Block? Fret No More. Ubersuggest & Tag Crowd Are Here Seer Interactive

Key takeaways: Keyword suggestion tools can help provide great ideas for content.

How To find Long Tail Keywords using UberSuggest LionSEO

Key takeaways: Ubersuggest is a free tool for scraping Google keyword suggestions. You can also look at the bottom of a Google search results page that provides related searches.

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