Amazon Takes on Netflix With Streaming Video Subscriptions

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Streaming Free To Prime Subscribers CrunchGear

Amazon takes on Netflix with the debut of Prime Instant Video, confirming speculation and heating up the battle for viewing content. Now an $80 annual Amazon Prime subscription lets you stream 5,000 titles any time to a supported device, including Roku, TiVo and select Blu-ray and HDTV models.

Tableau revamps data policy after WikiLeaks controversy TechFlash

Under fire for removing WikiLeaks-created content, Tableau has responded by revising its public data policy and creating an advisory panel. Any challenges to data posted on its free servers will be subject to intense scrutiny under an official complaint procedure, and the Seattle company’s retooled policy will reflect internet free speech standards.

Despite 861.5 Percent Growth, Android Market Revenues Remain Puny TechCrunch

A glance at market share growth for Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android is an apples to oranges comparison at this point. Android is destined to keep playing catch-up despite a deceptive giant leap forward from its 2009 revenue, leaving app developers little choice but to learn to love, or at least live with, Apple.

SEO Tip of the Day – Build Links by Syndicating Existing Content

If you already have valuable content on your site, you can syndicate content to other sites in exchange for links. For example if you have a useful article on “5 Online Gaming Trends to Watch in 2011” on your company blog, other blogs may want to republish that content for their audience. You can offer these blogs the opportunity to republish select articles from your site as long as they link back to the original article. Often times you can request specific anchor text in the link pointing to your site.

One possible drawback in this tactic is that the republished article could potentially outrank your article if their site has a stronger domain authority. For instance if your article was republished on The Huffington Post, their version might outrank the original article on your site. However, if your goal is to get high visibility, this might be a good outcome as you will be able to get your brand in front of a larger audience and you can receive a good amount of referral traffic. If the republished article links to the original article, Google should be able to determine that your article is the original and they will often rank the original article first. You can also ask that the publisher use different keywords in their title tags and include a short introduction so that they are not competing for the exact same keywords as you.

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