An Insiders Look at the Costs of Community Management

  1. Great insights on what to expect for the costs of community management. Do you think it is a bad idea to hire an intern from a local college to manage a company’s social media?

  2. No I wouldn’t assume an intern is a bad idea. Anyone can and should be hired if they’re the right fit for the position, however I would advise against hiring an intern just for the sake of cutting costs. If the intern can be coached by someone who knows the ins and outs of community management then I can foresee it being a good route to take.

  3. excellent post, Jason. I just want to ask about something, and I hope not to sound rude. Are you talking about “Community Managers” as people in charge to update Social Media assets, or are you talking about the real “Community Managers”?
    I mean, when a company actually works with real communities with its own name and own assets, and not just a twitter account or a FB fan page created by the company.

    I call those, real communities, because people love to be part of them; contraty to click on a “like” button. People just click on it, not precisely “join” a community.

    it could be a thin line between them, but IMHO, are quite different things. Although, of course, Social Media is a fantastic tool for communities and word of mouth (we use it most of the time).

    Thanks for your comments.


  4. @Rolando

    Great question. I define a community manager as someone who is responsible for monitoring online conversations and communicating on behalf of a brand across the web. From my perspective the community manager role can be someone who manages a self owned and controlled community, someone who communicates on social networking sites and blogs, or what is happening more often: a hybrid of the two.

    A prime example would be Janet Aronica, the excellent community manager of http://oneforty.com. In her role she managers the built in community at the home site of OneForty, but she also uses Twitter, Facebook, and other blogs to reach new users and moderate what others are saying about the OneForty brand.

    There are community managers at prominent online spaces (such as Yahoo, MSN, large blogs, large message boards) who are responsible to work exclusively within a hosted community and to some extent this type of community management has a different set of challenges, but the title of community manager has a wide reach and isn’t limited to just self hosted communities.

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