An Introduction to Tumblr for Business

Have you considered using Tumblr for your business yet? If not, now might be as good a time as any. What exactly is a Tumblog and why should you have one? It can best be described as a microblogging platform that sits somewhere between Twitter and a traditional WordPress blog. Tumblr is worth considering not only because of a spike in popularity over the past year, but also because many are expecting it to continue its growth. Tumblr isn’t just another blogging platform. It’s unique in that it places a heavy emphasis on ease of use and allows for just about any type of content publishing. From inside the Tumblr dashboard, or through a smartphone app, a Tumblog owner can quickly post a piece of text, a video, quote, an audio file, a picture, or reblog another piece of content that’s already been posted.

Examples of Brands Using Tumblr

For a look at what’s possible with Tumblr, SocialFresh just published a list of 60 brands using Tumblr for business use. Large brands mentioned on the list include IBM, ABC World News, and the Huffington Post. Tumblr works well with smaller brands as well. Throwboy, an online retail business based near Seattle, uses its Tumblr site to provide an inside perspective on the business by regularly posting video blogs and photos relevant to their merchandise. C-Town, a grocery store in Brooklyn NY, uses Tumblr to showcase the latest in store deals to its customer base.

Design Choices

One of the upsides when it comes to Tumblr is that choosing a theme is relatively easy. Most themes are free and there are a handful of premium themes that typically cost less than $50. A good portion of the themes are aimed towards photographers or design + fashion, but there are many themes that are appropriate for business use. Doing heavy customization towards most Tumblr themes requires some working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

A Built in Social Network

Tumblr has a network setup similar to Twitter in that you can choose to follow other accounts and they can choose to follow you. If you’re a business using Tumblr, this provides an opportunity to expose your brand to new people. For your customers, it’s just another way to stay connected. Try not to get overwhelmed with updating Tumblr, but it needs to be updated on a regular basis just like any other business blog.

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