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Go ahead and label me as an explorer, a geek, or an addict. I’m OK with any of those titles. I’m always looking for the next “big thing” in new media and communication. Eyes and ears open at all times. Here are 5 fresh opportunities that I’m excited about right now.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the basics. The brass tacks of online business and marketing. The “prehistoric” days of online customer relationships (aka 10 years ago). I’ve come to the realization that email is still an amazing tool. It’s not attractive and it’s not trendy, but it works. It’s sitting right in front of us. Before we had Tweets and before we had texts we had email.

“Hold on, hold on. I’m already using email.

Yes, you have multiple accounts.
Yes, you’ve plastered it on business cards for years.
Yes, it’s all over your website.
Yes, your using Constant Contact, AWeber or a related marketing service.

OK. Good job, but don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. It’s not enough.

Allow me to throw a crazy, mind blowing, absurd, and ridiculous suggestion at you if I may.

What about… using email as a one on one communication medium?

It sounds silly to even mention it, but if you really stop and think about it… email is being underutilized on a daily basis. How often do you a receive a personal email from a small, large, medium, online, or offline company that you purchased a product or service from? How often do you receive a non automated and non generic follow up email long after the sale and transaction has taken place? Email marketing is great and I’m all for it. I think it’s foolish to not consider it due to the fact that it can yield several different types of positive returns, however that’s a topic for another day and time. Let’s keep it simple for now.

Email is a way to say Thank You
Email puts a human element into business
Email says I care about you and your needs
Email is a virtual handshake
Email is fast and reliable
Email is not going away

The basics are easy to forget and neglect. Give yourself a reminder every now and again to keep email in your tool box. If you want, email me and I’ll email you a reminder to email more.

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