Being Genuine in Social Media

handsLet me make this quick and to the point. If you’re not genuine, I’m not going to like you. If you’re a person, a business, a product, or an idea and you’re not sincere… I have no respect for you. Why should I?

I receive a lot of direct messages on twitter. Here are some examples

Wow, thanks for following me! I'm looking forward to your Tweets!
Hi, Thanks for following me, What's you're focus in life? 
Thanks for following, we like you already. You've got great taste!

My non scientific analysis of these tweets tells me that they are all bogus. Each of these people is following 50,000 or more people and I’m guessing they never read anything that I tweet. They are using a program, such as Socialoomph, to send an automated message. I’m not going to claim that all automated messages are in bad taste and there is nothing wrong with following a lot of people. However, there is something wrong with faking genuine communication.

I think it’s safe to say that humans have a very good radar for detecting bullshit. Even the most unintelligent of us will know when something isn’t real.

  • Don’t ask for people to comment on your blog if you’re not going to take the time to comment back.
  • Don’t offer a fast price quote from your website if it takes you a couple days to actually respond back.
  • Don’t send a generic scripted email to someone if he or she asks you a specific question.

Treat other people how you want to be treated.

Be genuine.

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