Bellevue’s AppsJack Aims to Bring Down Cost of App Development

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday, June 9, 2011

Startup Spotlight: AppsJack looks to streamline mobile app development Geekwire

AppsJack promises to take the price of app development down the same path as website building, at a great savings to companies and ultimately consumers. To beat the competition, the Bellevue-based startup with Leigh Hunt at the helm is counting on its code-generating cloud-based technology and frustration with the current cost of app creation.

Discovery Bay Games joins Atari’s blast from the past Techflash

The pairing of Seattle’s Discovery Bay Games with arcade pioneer Atari brings classic video gaming to today’s mobile generation. While the company headed by Craig Olson undergoes an evolution from board-based to high-tech games, the Pong creator is hoping to get a second life with its Atari’s Greatest Hits app for iPhone.

doxo Emerges From Private Beta, Brings Its Paperless Billing Service To The iPhone TechCrunch

The launch of smartphone app doxo Mobile frees consumers from the desk by letting them manage bills on the go while giving companies an easy way to save by going paperless. With Jeff Bezos and Mohr Davidow in its corner, the Seattle company recently raised $10M to pursue its mission to replace the paper trail with a filing system in the cloud.

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