BigDoor Aims To Reward Consumers For Engaging With Ads

Seattle Tech Roundup for Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CPMs or CPCs? Nope, BigDoor has its eye on the CPQ: Cost Per Quest GeekWire

Headed by Keith Smith, Seattle’s BigDoor is counting on the gamification craze to boost branding messages with advertising that is more engaging and interactive. As a contender to AdSense, its revolutionary new Cost per Quest approach offers a win-win formula with rewards for users, advertisers and publishers plus an impressive completion rate.

Amazon.com introduces cheaper, ad-supported Kindle Seattle Times

An advertising-enhanced Kindle set to debut in May from Amazon.com drops the price close to the magic $100 mark, in line with the Seattle retailer’s mission to make the iPad rival universally affordable. Nicknamed the Kindle with Special Offers for its marriage with the daily deal concept, this e-reader with benefits promises unobtrusive ads, but customers may not like the trade-off.

Zillow Grabs San Francisco-Based Postlets, an Online Real-Estate Listing Syndicator Xconomy

With the purchase of Postlets, Seattle’s Zillow solidifies a successful pairing along with its position in the online real estate arena, perhaps taking the company headed by Spencer Rascoff a step closer to an IPO. Along with a half million users of its listing service, the newly acquired San Francisco startup brings aboard co-founders Raymond Chen and Asher Matsuda.

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