Blogging by the Numbers

The blogosphere can be a lonely lonely place at times. You write and wonder if it’s reaching anyone. The website is receiving great traffic, your SEO efforts are coming together, and people at least pretend to be your friend on Twitter. However, something is still missing… The blog is a bust.

Why is this? Where did you go wrong?

Looks can be deceiving.

I like it when I can count, measure, and analyze the numbers. I was a big fan of the recent How To Track Your Rankings in SEO post, because it gave me a new tool to look at more numbers. However, I issue a warning: numbers can be deceptive and misleading at times. Let’s take for example the number of comments you’re receiving. Accordingly to Darren Rowse (the ProBlogger) only 1 out of every 100 readers will comment. If your posts are receiving little or no comments it’s not a for sure indicator that the content isn’t up to par or that reader’s don’t like the material. On the flip side a controversial post might gather a lot of comments, but it might also be out of place and in bad taste.


When you start blogging there can be a rush of energy and enthusiasm for the project. Everything is fun and new. Eventually a once vibrant writer might slow down. A dry spell occurs and posting become monotonous and it can stop all together. If you fall off the wagon, get back up on it. Keep going. Commit to a certain number of blog posts per week (at least 1) and stick with it. Readers like to see consistency.


on the metrics that matter. If your mission right out of the gate is to jump on the Google AdSense train and start making a large passive income then I’m afraid you have a long uphill road to go. A strategy to monetize is never a bad idea, however if it’s the only indicator of success that you’re looking at it can be very depressing to see those couple of pennies trickle in every day (or month).

Is your blog traffic going up?
Is your subscriber count increasing?
Is your writing steadily improving?

If not then find out why. Where is your RSS button? Can others see it easily? Are you doing anything to bring in new traffic like SEO, guest blogging, or using social networking tools? Maybe your blog is sloppy and the design needs a refresh.

Hurry up and wait.

It’s going to take time. A 6 month minimum commitment is an admirable goal. It might even take several years to start seeing the high numbers that you want so I suggest that you give at least 6 months worth of solid effort. Keep blogging. Write as if 100,000 people were reading and be grateful when you get one person paying attention.  Put your heart into it, put your head into it, and don’t let the numbers in the beginning stop you. They will increase with effort, time, and a relentless mindset for improvement. I believe in this very strongly. Prove me wrong?

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  1. Great post! I agree. Blogging is not an overnight success, it takes a consistent effort over time. Having several people at your company contributing can also help. If 5 people at your company take 1 or 2 hours a week to write a blog post, that’s about 260 blog posts in a year.

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