Brands That Talk vs Brands That Listen

We all know someone who likes to talk. Maybe it’s that annoying co-worker we avoid like the plague or a distant relative we never bother inviting to family functions or maybe it’s that neighbor we never seem to have enough time to catch up with. They talk and talk and talk and talk and you can never seem to get a word in. You might wonder how this person finds time to breathe in between all the words they spit out. It’s always a one way conversation. All they do is talk about their problems, their relationships, and their life. All you can do is listen and absorb everything they say and nod and say “uh huh” as you strategically wait for a moment to escape.

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you don’t have patience for these types of people. You see them, but you don’t want to. Running into them is not fun and must be avoided at all costs. We don’t put up with these individuals for long.

Here’s the million dollar question…..

Why do we put up with brands who act like that?

Why is it acceptable for a brand to talk and talk and talk and never listen?

It’s not.

Not anymore. There is a shift happening in consumer expectations. No longer is it acceptable for a brand to talk without listening. To ignore the consumer. To pretty much say without actually saying, “Your wants and ideas are not important to us. ”

One way conversations are dieing. The time has come where brands can no longer hide from the voices of its customers. Buyers will speak loud and clear with their dollars and spend them with brands that show that they care by listening.

Over time this will become expected and become the new normal. Is it time to make the shift? Soon enough it will become critical to the survival of your business in the marketplace. Act now or wait until the competition does it first. It’s up to you.

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