Can RealNetworks’ New Product Help Reinvent The Seattle Tech Company?

Seattle Tech Roundup for Monday, April 25, 2011

RealNetworks plans new ‘Rinse’ clean-up tool for iTunes GeekWire

RealNetworks has devised a smart system for achieving order out of the chaos common to many iTunes collections. While Rinse awaits its official debut, it represents a new direction – from content provision to management and distribution – for the Seattle company.

SnuggleCloud hopes to connect couples trapped in long distance relationships GeekWire

Inspired by her own experience, Seattle’s Emily Marshall has created a confidential social networking site to connect committed relationships challenged by distance, like the military couples who participated in its trial run. Unveiled at the First Look Forum, SnuggleCloud is a product of The Founder Institute and a Startup Weekend honoree.

Zillow’s IPO: As the Market Comes Back to Life, Is this Deal the Bellwether of a New Boom?

For Zillow’s IPO quest to become a reality, it must overcome challenges that include financial losses, failure to shake the real estate status quo, and its founders’ unrelenting grip on the company reins. Yet having survived an industry collapse, a successful IPO for the online real estate biz could attract investors nationwide and offer an alternative to acquisition for Seattle tech startups.

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