Cheezburger Network Acquires Know Your Meme

Seattle Tech Roundup for Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confirmed: Cheezburger buys Know Your Meme, corners market on Internet culture GeekWire

$30M in venture capital is helping Cheezburger Network, the Seattle company created by Ben Huh, expand its online humor domain. The acquisition of Rocketboom’s Know Your Meme is part of that campaign, accompanied by plans to open a New York branch where the website that tracks offbeat internet trends is headquartered.

Zapd Creates Themed Websites Right From Your Phone TechCrunch

The new Zapd app from Pressplane, available at the App store, lets iPhone users craft and share an actual website in mere minutes or less. Headed by Kelly Smith, the Seattle startup and creator of print graphics marketplace Inkd used a recent funding round to get Zapd off the ground.

What Amazon’s Cloud Drive Means for You Time

Amazon’s new Cloud Drive hints at the arrival of a tablet that could take on the iPad, as it drives contenders to hasten the debut of their own cloud services. Cheap real estate in the cloud is also ushering in the end of the hard disk, with the first 5GB free from Amazon and an endless landscape available for storing music and other content online.

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