Conquering SEO Information Overload

There’s so much information out there about SEO, online marketing, CRO, social media … it can easily be overwhelming! And your time is limited. While there are some more important than others, overall, it’s a matter of time management that will prove to be the most beneficial.

To get the most out of your time, try learning according to your learning preference. If it fits you better, it’s less of a struggle to learn. Once you gain learning momentum, trying out other venues of information would be less overwhelming.

What kind of student are you?

The Organized Learner

You are most likely one for structure and methodical practices. Look at your calendar and go beyond all those scheduled webinars and tweetchats. Try scheduling some time for just reading and self-study. Having it on your calendar, you are in control over your time. And treat it like an appointment. Do something almost ceremonial to put yourself in that zone. It can be as simple as lighting a candle or going to your favorite reading spot.

The Sporadic Learner

You probably juggle several pages and projects all at once. Twitter may be a good fit. Receiving information in real time would work better for you. Try following some thought leaders in Twitter and make a Twitter list just for them. Read or just scan the articles they recommend. Don’t have the time to read them just then? Bookmark the article and read it later when you have the time.

For The Bookworm

You probably are more comfortable with the printed page rather than the computer screen. But with so many books and so little time, what can you do? Try an hour a day on a single book to better your profession. Just an hour, now, folks. We want to pace ourselves. Have more than one book you’re reading? Start off with one book and make some headway through it before going to another one.

The Class-Room Type

You may not be enrolled in a school but you alone with a book sometimes doesn’t end up being very productive. You still learn best in a school-like environment. Try going to a conference or a meet up where they have a presentation. You could also try attending a webinar. Many of these are free, too! They often have handouts or whitepaper articles as takeaways.

The Social Butterfly

You learn best when you interact with people. Professional events and tweetchats would be best for you. In these events, you can interact with your contemporaries and ask questions with the presenter. Can’t make it to those? Try tweetchats. It’s exactly what it’s called: it’s a chat event that people on twitter engage. It’s super easy (and free) to join the conversation. Questions are asked by the moderator and people respond to it. You meet some really friendly and helpful people on Twitter.

For The Family Guy

You have a family that takes up a lot of your time out of the office. You only have a very limited amount of time to further your education in SEO. The key is to be consistent. Try just reading for 15 everyday on an online article or a book. If you can spare more time, try experimenting with the tips recommended above, based on what is the next closest learning kind that fits you.

These are good starters to get you going in furthering your professional education. Experiment and see what works for you.

SEO Learning infographic

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Jessica Eballar is an online marketer for Bill4Time, a web-based time billing software. She has a Bachelor’s in Marketing at the University of Washington and has been working with SEO, CRO, social media, and online marketing for 3 years. Follow her on Twitter at @SEOaudiore

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