Creating a Community Around Your Personal Brand


“Why would someone like me need a blog?”

It’s a valid question.

Today it came up in the middle of a conversation between me and the stylist who cuts my hair. She knows that I put “stuff” on the internet. She knows that I tweet. She knows that I spend a good chunk of time in front of a computer. But why? More importantly… why should she do it? why should you do it?

The short answer: to help build a community. To gather people who care about you and what you have to offer. Seth Godin calls it a tribe. I call it a collective of people who care. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes we tend to make it that way.

My advice to her was simple.

1. Create a blog

Your blog needs to be your home base. The place where anyone can go to learn more about you and what you specialize in. Write about different hair care products. Write about different hair styles ideas. The blog should stay current and fresh. Grab a wordpress blog, grab a theme, buy www.myname.com, get some hosting and get to work.

Sound difficult? It’s easier then you might think. Check out Emerson Salon. Great blog with great content.

2. Twitter & Facebook

Create your accounts and add value. Update regularly. Don’t sell me anything. Don’t post meaningless info. Build relationships by reaching out to others. Point your Twitter and Facebook back to the blog.

3. Promote

-Tell your clients that you have a blog. Tell them they can go there to learn more about you.
-Create business cards that have your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and email info on it.
-Develop an email list. Tell customers you’d like to send them some info. Get a monthly newsletter going. Point it back to your blog
-Give people a reason to join your community: $3 off the next haircut. 10th haircut is free.
-Contribute to other blogs.


You’re building a community.
You’re building customer loyalty.
Long term fans. Long term friends.

I want the person who cuts my hair to have a blog. A place where I can go to connect and learn more. Replace hair stylist with dentist, mechanic, accountant, real estate agent, favorite band, teacher, or (fill in the blank).

Do you have a blog? Do you have a community? Maybe you should.

Haircut looks great. Thank you Amy! Good luck with your blog. I’ll be reading.

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