CubeDuel Goes Viral and Cheezburger Network Raises $30 Million

dock to nowhereSeattle Tech and Marketing Roundup for Tuesday January 18th, 2011

See how you stack up against coworkers with CubeDuel MyNorthwest

Co-workers face off anonymously to express how they really feel about one another in a new web game called CubeDuel that attracted almost a million subscribers in its first week. CubeDuel capitalizes on the popularity of rating games while offering a new twist on virtual water-cooler conversation.

Buuteeq emerges with online marketing tool for hotels TechFlash

Seattle-based Buuteeq, from former members of the Microsoft team, has taken its web tool targeting the problem of high vacancy rates plaguing hotels out of beta for a broader launch. Its subscription reservation system aims to help attract guests by offering a sophisticated online experience branded for independent hotels.

Cheezburger transforms Internet memes into $30M of funding VentureBeat

As head of the Cheezburger Network, Ben Huh may always be associated with LOL Cats, but that dubious distinction just helped garner $30 million in venture capital. According to Huh, growth for the Seattle company will come from envisioning and capitalizing on the next trend as the internet evolves from a format for information to expression and beyond.

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