Decide.com Aims To Transform The Internet Shopping Experience

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Tuesday January 25, 2011

Stealthy Decide.com looks to transform online shopping

Besides a catchy name, a brash mission and solid backing, Decide.com, the Seattle startup headed by Mike Fridgen, is mostly a mystery – with the big reveal coming this spring. Transforming the internet shopping experience using data to tune in to the consumer mindset in a process that promises unprecedented transparency is the team’s lofty goal.

Amazon.com expanding free, weekly delivery service

The introduction and planned expansion of AmazonTote is the online retailer’s latest move to position itself as a digital one-stop shop. By providing no-cost, no-minimum weekly doorstep delivery, on top of its existing Super Saver and AmazonPrime shipping options, the Seattle-based web stalwart takes on big box stores like Wal-Mart.

Inrix adds Audi traffic deal, plots course to IPO in 18-24 months

Inrix is navigating toward an initial public offering with the expansion of its traffic technology system, currently available in Ford and Toyota models. The online navigation tool for Audi debuts in Europe and then North America, with additional personnel on board at Inrix to handle the new workload.

SEO Tip of the Day – The Myth of .edu and .gov Domains

You may have heard that links from .edu or .gov are given more value by Google. This is likely a myth, since there are plenty of poor quality pages on .edu or .gov sites. According to Matt Cutts from Google, “There is nothing in the algorithm itself, though, that says: oh, .edu – give that link more weight…You can have a useless .edu link just like you can have a great .com link.” While these sites are often seen as authoritative pages for a specific topic, this is based on the quality of the page and not the domain.

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  1. Great point about .edu and .gov links. Substandard links on substandard pages are just that, regardless of whether it is on .edu, .gov, .com or .net domains.

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