Does Your Brand Have Authority?

Where does someone turn when looking for something online?

…to wherever the authority is.

The sites, the people, and the brands that they’ve come to know and respect. The place that they’ve entrusted and put the most confidence in.

I get my sports news from ESPN.com because without question they’re the authority on all things sports and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. When shopping online we use eBay or Amazon. We search with Google and Bing. To question the authority of these brands would be akin to questioning the laws of gravity. The amount of trust and brand equity that these brands have built up is so massive that it’s in some ways beyond comprehension. They’ve become a part of everyday life.

How much authority does your brand have?

There are 60 seconds in a minute, 3600 seconds in hour, and 86400 seconds in a day. How much of these precious seconds does your brand occupy? By how many different people? On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Google Analytics tracks all of the data, your job is to simply check in and keep tabs on it.

There are different methods for driving traffic to a site, but without a significant amount of perceived brand authority, one could argue that they’re all for waste.

Here are 3 necessary and unavoidable avenues for building authority:


Design is the foundation that will likely build or break down a brand’s first and ongoing impression online. Bad design is like trying to play music on an out of tune piano. It’s instantly recognizable and rarely forgivable. For many industries poor design just doesn’t cut it anymore. A small retail establishment might get away with a choppy website, but tech, startup, and online based businesses have no room for error. Never stop investing in design.


Content is a bridge that builds trust between brands and consumers.

Is this site, this brand, this business providing relevant content in relation to what I’m looking for as a consumer?

Content is site copy, graphics, and video. It’s an email newsletter or a blog post.
Deliver with tact, on a regular basis, and under careful design and brand authority will increase.


What are customers, casual visitors, and influencers saying about the brand?

Much of this can’t be controlled overnight and there’s rarely a quick fix for correcting big mistakes, however it’s key to understand that a brand’s reputation is built little by little through customer service, delivering on promises, and winning consumers over on a regular basis. Digital marketing and brand communication should also coincide within the overall strategy of crafting a trustworthy reputation.

How much authority does your brand have?
What are you doing to increase it?

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