DoubleDown Interactive Passes One Million Players Per Month

Seattle Tech Roundup for Friday, April 8, 2011

Startup of the Week: DoubleDown Interactive TechFlash

With over a million players per month via Facebook, Seattle startup DoubleDown Interactive has hit on a winning formula by combining a social element with timeless casino action and virtual pay-offs. Without any backing, the co-founders’ gamble paid off in just over a year’s time to exceed one million players per month.

Expedia to split into two companies, separating out TripAdvisor GeekWire

TripAdvisor is getting its own wings in a planned spin-off from Bellevue-based Expedia, which has seen the travel review site grow at a phenomenal rate since its acquisition. Headquartered in Massachusetts and helmed by Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor looks forward to its new independence while Expedia hones its focus as the web’s premier travel agency.

Why Users Are More Engaged With Social Media on Fridays Mashable

Timing turns out to be the key to getting the best traction for your social media message, as indicated by findings that the close of the work week brings a big pickup on Facebook and Twitter. Although greater social media engagement on Friday in particular signals the transition to a weekend mindset, B2B marketers may be wasting their time trying to engage users focused on fun.

Seattle Entrepreneur and the founder of Sparkbuy was recently interviewed on Mixergy

  1. the fireworks slot had a bonus round I played and I wom $20milliom chips, and then it froze..I refreshed, and when I got back it never gave me my $20million and had subtracted 60million from my balance….

  2. when are these chips going to be returned???

  3. Hi Lynn.
    Sorry to hear about your experience. Did you try contacting DoubleDown yet? http://doubledowninteractive.com/contact-us/

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