Ever Wonder How People Spend Their Time Online?

Ever Wonder How People Spend Their Time Online?


Ever wonder what people do online? Here is a great infographic that highlights how people around the world spend their time on the web. It’s not just Facebook and YouTube all day, every day you know. It was featured on Social Media Today.

The global online population (total people in the world who are online) will approach 2.5 billion in the next couple of years. Currently, approximately 30% of the world’s population is online and by some estimates almost half of those that are online will be on Facebook within the next couple of years.

Some facts that stood out from the infographic:

  • US Internet users spend twice as many hours online as the average global internet user (32 hours vs. 16 hours)
  • The UK has approximately 85% of its population online compared to about 80% for the US.
  • India by comparison only has about 7.5% of its population online. This is probably largely due to the infrastructure, the big population (close to 1.2 billion) and the caste system.
  • The top 3 most popular activities online are (1) Email (2) Using Search Engines (3) Finding Health or Medical Info
  • Google has the most unique visitors each month (153 Million) but Facebook is not far behind and people spend about 5 times as much time on Facebook as on Google.

5 Interesting Stats About The Web

  1. Google has over 1 billion search queries per day
  2. YouTube has over 4 billion views each day (and 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute)
  3. Twitter has over 250 million tweets per day
  4. Facebook users make 800 million updates on the social site every day
  5. Brazilians are more friendly (at least on social networks) than Japanese because they average 481 friends vs. 29 friends.

I thought it was a clean infographic with some really great stats. Each section was easy to follow with a very clear layout.

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