Foursquare Introduces Local Updates from Businesses

We wrote about how foursquare is finally growing up and with the introduction of their local updates feature, they’re one step closer to advertising. Local updates from businesses gives the merchants on foursquare (nearly one million of them) a chance to communicate their offers to those who will appreciate them the most. The updates will show up from the places you frequent the most on your friends tab. Looking to explore a new city? You will be able to see the local updates, “kind of like the chalkboard where a restaurant writes its daily specials,” says foursquare.

The service is currently free for merchants and is not just limited to restaurants. Universities and chain stores, such as H&M, have also signed up for the service. This means that there will be a broader range of use for the service, in addition to just daily specials and coupons. The best part is that there is no extra work for the user, unless they no longer want updates from a business.

With local updates, businesses are allowed to send up to three pictures, a text message and any updates on promotions or new deals. The updates won’t have any push notifications attached and will only be received by current customers who are within a certain proximity to the location. Updates will also be available to users who look for places in Explore.

On the business side, this provides an additional way for brands to communicate with its users and potential customers. This could lead towards targeted advertising on foursquare based on who’s checked into it, or potential customers who have yet to explore your services. It’s worth checking out while it’s still free to see if this is something that should be incorporated into your marketing and advertising strategy. At the very least, it’s just one more way to show your loyal customers your appreciation.

Image credit: foursquare

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