Google’s Infinite Scroll Project

Just when it looked like Google searches couldn’t get any faster or more comprehensive, rumors suggested that the company may offer users an even more dynamic search experience by implementing a new design that allows for infinite scrolling through results.

Other industry observers have discredited the reports, however, stating that Google stands firm on its position that smaller batches of results are better than an infinite stream of Web links. A video has surfaced featuring Google VP Marissa Mayer explaining why the search engine giant has no plans to roll out infinite search results, saying in a nutshell that getting a continuous list of 3 million results does not really increase the quality of a search.

The infinite scrolling video is a presentation of a browser feature called FastestChrome that does widen the search results on a single page; however, it is an elective feature and will not impact “traditional” Google searches.

The arguable silver lining is that now at least FastestChrome users (and users of less popular search sites like DuckDuckGo) will be exposed to this option.

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