Sparkplug SEO Tip #1: Guest Post on Related Blogs

Guest writing on relaseattle-seoted blogs is a great tactic for building awareness for your business and building links. You can get your company in front of hundreds or thousands of readers if you write a blog post for a popular blog in your industry or a local blog. By contributing interesting and useful articles to established blogs, you can also demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, most blogs that allow guest posts let you to add a short bio paragraph at the end of your article with a link back to your site. This link can be very valuable to your SEO efforts because quality links are the most important factor in outranking your competition for competitive keyword phrases. When you write the bio, make sure to include a keyword that you are targeting for your business and use that keyword to link to your site. This is called anchor text and makes the link even more valuable. An example of anchor text in a link is Seattle SEO company. This gives search engines like Google a signal about what your site is about and indicates that third parties (site owners) associate your site with a specific keyword. For example, the number one ranked site in Google for the phrase “click here” is for Adobe Reader, probably because they have so many links with the anchor text “chick here”. Another benefit of this link is that curious readers will click on the link and visit your site, generating significant referral traffic.

Volunteer to write a guest post for blogs by sending a short email request to the blog owner. Most blog owners are in need of fresh content on a regular basis so offering to write for them can be a great help. You can suggest a topic that you have expertise in or are interested in writing about. MyBlogGuest is an excellent forum where you can find bloggers who are seeking contributors. You can also search for blogs that request submissions for guest posts or view this list of 50 blogs.

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