Highlights From the Social Media Club of Seattle June Event With Christopher Burgess

Social Media and Security was the topic of discussion at the Social Media Club of Seattle’s June get together. The talk was led by Christopher Burgess (the self proclaimed one and only non-technical employee of Cisco Systems) and his objective was to bring forth a common sense approach to social media. The following are some of the standout moments of the presentation.

Video Traffic

One of the most eye opening segments of the talk came in the first couple minutes when it was shown that Cisco is projecting that a gigantic 91% of all internet traffic will be composed of video by the year 2013.

Blogging Anonymously?

Mr. Burgess brought up the topic of social media and responsibility. The words that you speak are your own and you own them. He spoke of an example where an employee was blogging anonymously and ended up taking side with an issue that he was working on and had a conflict of interest.  It’s hard not to agree with this. Put your name with your work. Cisco has a “blog school” that an employee must pass through before being able to blog on behalf of the company.

Be Yourself

According to Christopher, “Don’t speak like your writing a book. Be yourself”. When blogging or creating content on behalf of your company it’s important to be yourself. Don’t be dense, don’t be boring. Write like you would talk to someone.

Have Information Security Policies

A business should have a code of conduct. Secure inside information and make sure that sensitive documents are protected.

Be Careful

Once something has reached the internet, it’s there forever. Photos and videos can’t always be taken offline once they are up. It’s easy to capture media and share it online and it’s easy to sour your reputation with someone who might be looking for you or your history on the internet.

Competitive Intelligence

All of the information that you or your company puts online can be found. There are organizations that work in the field of competitive intelligence and get paid to dig up all the “dirt” that they can find. Mr. Burgess mentioned a website/service called Spokeo that can gather contact, social-economic, and location info about you or anyone you know. Thankfully there is an opt out feature on the website so your name can be taken off their list.


Use different passwords and usernames. Using the same one for different accounts creates a bigger risk then having multiple ones.

Christopher Burgess delivered some useful information and although most of it was common sense, a lot of it was new to a good portion of the audience. Use your brain. Think before doing/tweeting something. Have policies in place to prevent information loss and be careful what you say and do when using social networking tools.

Thank you to Social Media Club of Seattle for a great event.
You can read Cisco’s Social Media Policy here
You can learn more about Christopher Burgess here

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  1. Thanks for both attending and capsulizing the salient messages from the talk. I enjoyed the opportunity to share, as there is a *security* and *safety* side to the social media and social networking engagements we have at work and home.

    With warm regards,

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