How Do You Implement SEO?

We recently received a question via email that asked: How do you implement SEO? Here is our response:

-First, we would conduct keyword research to build a list of the most important keywords that customers would likely use, taking into account competition level and intent of the customer.

-Second, we would write a unique title description and meta description for each main page on the site using the keywords from the research.

-In most cases it is best for the business to write their own copy because they will know their business best, but we can help with this and make recommendations to tweak the copy to add keywords without disrupting the message.

-Then we would look at the internal linking structure, to optimize the flow of “link juice” throughout the site and make sure all content is easily accessible to people and search bots (make sure most content is
accessible within a few clicks and set up a sitemap).

-Also, we would want to help set up a blog and inform the business about the benefits of blogging and generating new content on a regular basis. If applicable we can help with writing blog posts.

-Additionally we can help get links from related sites.

-If it is a local business we would optimize the site for local search by submitting the site to local directories like Google business center and local social sites like Yelp, etc., while adding the business address in the footer and on select pages.

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