How Often Should a Brand Post to Facebook?

Apart from the actual content and voice of a page, frequency seems to be the next logical question when it comes to owning a branded Facebook account.
How often should we be posting?

The question is rooted in a couple of fears and concerns that page owners have, two of which are obvious and a third that is more frequent yet not as obvious.

The first is the real concern of under posting or neglect. Posting once a month, once every couple months, or never posting fall under this category. It’s more common than one would think and is due in part to adopting the mentality of we don’t have any news to share so we’re not going to share anything or an undervalued appreciation of Facebook as a medium. Many also take the set it and forget it approach, as in after a page is created they believe that the job is finished and Facebook doesn’t require any ongoing attention.

The 2nd scenario is over posting. Posting ever hour would be an extreme example. Posting every single day works for some brands, but not for all. Some brands mistakenly adopt the behavior that every piece of news or article related to them must be shared and find its way into the newsfeed. Eventually this leads to a wave of unlikes and loss of fans. In some cases a person may do a complete 180 and go from being a fan to turned off and annoyed by the brand.

A 3rd and seemingly the most common problem is inconsistency. This is when a page isn’t updated for three weeks and then is bombarded with updates. This is when a group of page admins aren’t communicating and nobody really knows with what frequency posting should happen and there’s a constant flux of updates mixed in with periods of inactivity.

If you’re seeking a one size fits all answer on how often to be posting, unfortunately it won’t be found in this article. It doesn’t exist. Every brand and fan base is unique and there really isn’t a magic number that sits between under sharing and oversharing. A lot of it is common sense. If you’re a small retail brand with only a few hundred likes it’s likely that fans won’t be as tolerant of your updates as they would be in comparison to Coca Cola or other household names. The answer partially hinges on what type of material you’re posting. If contests and giveaways are resonating with fans, keep posting them and do so frequently if possible. If you have a large fan base and are posting regularly and seeing no activity in the form of comments and likes, consider dialing back the posting frequency or changing the content.

How often a brand posts should be found through a process of experimentation and getting to know fans. One to three times a week is probably a good jumping off point, with adjustments being made over time in relation to fan response.

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