How to Make Content Writing a Regular Habit

November is National Write a Novel Month and is as good time as any to sit down and do some writing. For an internet marketer writing is a valuable skill that constantly needs to be refined and improved on. It doesn’t matter if you’ve published 10 books or have absolutely no writing experience outside of high school; it’s never too late or impossible to sharpen your skills.

Writing, like all art, takes patience, practice, and repetition. Here are some tips to get started:

Set defined goals

Everyone has goals, such as creating more blog content, writing an eBook, or starting an email newsletter, but without specificity goals are more difficult to grasp and accomplish. Set a defined goal that sits just out of your perceived comfort zone; something that’s obtainable, yet still challenging.

Maybe it’s to write 3 blog posts a week for an entire month or to write a 20 page eBook in 2 weeks. Choose goals that push your writing to new levels.

Commit to a scheduled routine

When do you write? Is it whenever you have a moment of free time or only when inspiration strikes? The problem with not having a set writing schedule is that writing tends to fall to the wayside and never happens.

Choose days and times that fit within your schedule

Every morning at 9am.
Monday through Friday, just before leaving the office.
Every Sunday for 3 hours between 12pm and 3pm.

Pick a topic that resonates

If content writing feels like a chore as opposed to a passion, it’ll always be a struggle to keep from falling off the wagon. Only write about topics that are of interest and only write in a manner that will stay true to your ideals. If your company specializes in niche B2B technology products and the idea of writing a 5000+ word eBook sounds like a college essay assignment nightmare, why not change the angle of the story and instead write a compelling case study about how one of your customers found success using the product. Tell the story of how customer A was able to double revenue almost overnight or how customer B was able to make a big impact changing employee productivity using your product. Find a topic that people actually want to read.

Create the perfect work environment

The perfect writing environment looks a little different for each of us depending on preference. Maybe yours is a clutter free desk, in a still and silent room, with no outside distractions or browser windows open. Maybe it’s working directly across from a group of people for quick feedback or sitting next to a stash of notes and a pile of books for reference.

Music on or off?
Coffee shop, office, or home?
Crowded or secluded?

Find what works best for you.

I recommend trying out OmmWriter for minimal and distraction free text editing.  

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