How to Run a Facebook Marketing Campaign with Offerpop

Offerpop, a social media marketing platform, is an all in one solution for running Facebook marketing campaigns. Offerpop makes it easy to for fans to interact with a brand and helps increase page “likes” and on page engagement.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get started:

Step 1. Choose Your Campaign

Offerpop has a handful of Facebook apps to choose from:

  • Tug of War (shown below) has fans vote for their favorite option amongst two choices and automatically posts the selection to the participants wall after a choice is made.
  • Sign Up is a sign up form with the option of fan gating (must “like” the page to sign up). This app is incredibly useful when trying to run a contest or promotion. The sign up page is a great way to collect names, email addresses, and other important contact details.
  • Photo Contest is an app where fans can vote for their favorite photos as part of a contest or giveaway.
  • Fan Faves is best used for polling fans to vote for their favorite pre-determined option.
  • Exclusive is a simple fan gating app where a visitor must “like” a page to reveal the content on the page. Its best use case is when brands want to promote fan only offers.

Step 2. Customize and Publish your App

After selecting the app you want, you’ll then be asked to customize it. Once you set an end date for the campaign, upload all the necessary images, edit the text and selection fields, and confirm that everything looks how it should, you’ll be given the choice to publish immediately or save it as a draft for later. After publishing you’ll be prompted to install the app on Facebook if you’ve yet to do so.

Step 3. Monitor Progress

As the Facebook campaign progresses, Offerpop will provide analytics on how many times the tab was viewed, how many new fans have been accrued, and which fans been using the app within your page. All of the data can also be exported to an excel spreadsheet if needed.

Offerpop offers a free 14 day trial on any app and then charges a monthly fee based on how many fans a page has.

Need more help? Check out Tips for Making your promotion ‘pop’ on Facebook via the Offerpop blog.

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