How To Track Your Rankings in SEO

One metric that can help you determine whether you are making progress in your SEO efforts is by tracking where you rank for your target keyword list. If you haven’t already, it is a really good idea to create a spreadsheet in either Excel or Google Docs that lists the most important keywords for your business (about 50-100 keyword phrases).


Having this list will help you determine which keyword phrases you should go after. I was able to rank on the first page of Google for “best marketing books” because of a blog post I wrote titled: Best Marketing Books of 2008.

The tool I recommend for tracking your rankings is SEOMoz’s Rank Tracker.


Rank Tracker has a free option that allows you to check 5 phrases per day, or if you are an SEOMoz Premium member I think you can check an unlimited number. Any new phrases that you check will get added to the top of a list as shown below:


This is really helpful because you can see a nice summary of how you are ranking across multiple keyword phrases by looking at combined list. You can also refresh your rankings at any time and this doesn’t count against your 5 free checks per day. This tool also allows you to export the data as CSV which you can then integrate with your keyword list spreadsheet.

One important benefit of using this tool is that it will more accurately reflect the average searcher. If you were to check your rank by searching in Google, the results will be skewed by your location and your search history (even if you are not logged into Google since Google knows your IP address).

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