How to Use Search.Twitter to Reach New Customers

It’s easy to see that Twitter offers previously once unattainable marketing, customer service, and direct communication opportunities, however the out of the box Twitter.com website can leave more to be desired. We’ve covered a handful of third party applications and there are a lot of useful ones, but search.twitter is a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Twitter search (known as Summize before being acquired) takes searching for Tweets to another level that’s simply unattainable through the front entrance of Twitter.com.

The search bar that first shows up on search.twitter is identical to the search built into Twitter.com with the added ability of being able to filter Tweets by 19 different languages. The real opportunity is within the advanced search.

I can now narrow in on specific search terms. If I own a restaurant establishment I might want to search for the terms “food, restaurant, meal, hungry, starving, dinner, lunch, and eat” to find potential customers.

The most important feature here is that I can narrow in on location. I may want to search for Tweets made by those who live within 15 minutes of Seattle. I can also can search within a certain time frame and filter out positive or negative sentiment.

Here are three potential customers found using search.twitter

Assuming I owned a restaurant in Seattle, I could reach out and send these users an @reply and invite them to my establishment. I could even offer 10% off their first visit if they mention a particular Tweet to help further entice them to give my place a try.

Search.twitter is free and easy to use. Businesses that offer online products + services may end up finding a large collection of leads. Establishments with a physical location can target customers specific to their region. At a minimum it’s worth the effort to experiment with and see what type of opportunities are available. Who knows, it could actually help your bottom line. Twitter can = profits.

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