IAC Acquires Its Second Seattle Startup

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday May 5, 2011

IAC-owned CityGrid acquires Seattle Startup BuzzLabs TechFlash

The acquisition of BuzzLabs gives IAC its second Seattle startup, and it gives CityGrid a powerful tool enabling both businesses and consumers to track the online reputation of companies. Founded by a pair of Microsoft vets, BuzzLabs will continue operating in Seattle, while Jay Herratti heads CityGrid Media in California.

A Few Key People Really Can Make a Huge Difference TechCrunch

Entrepreneur Mark Suster offers his winning formula to make Seattle a prime player in the ‘cloud decade’ ahead, based on the game-changing role of key individuals. TechStars, Founder’s Coop and Seattle 2.0 are powerful examples of the mix of leaders and organizers, entrepreneurs and patron companies plus homegrown and foreign investors that will determine the success of Seattle’s tech community.

Millionaires to double in Washington, but will that spark angel investment? GeekWire

While Washington’s millionaire club is expected to double by the decade’s close, technology riches have not always equated with angel investment in innovation for the state. Building on the work of TechStars and The Founder Institute, fostering the next crop of entrepreneurs is a vital task for the current leaders in Seattle’s tech sector.

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