Ignore the Skeptics, SEO and Social Must Work Together

Are you a fan of SEO or do you consider yourself to be more of a social media advocate? Don’t get fooled by the naysayers, it’s a big mistake to embrace one without considering the other. Alongside email and PPC, social media marketing and SEO make up a large part of what falls under the wide umbrella of internet marketing. Some professionals will claim that SEO is dead and quality content backed by social media is the only way to go, while still other SEO purists will claim that social is a fad and that it’s nothing more than a bunch of hype. Although it’s possible to find success with one and without the other, it’s becoming widely accepted that heavy emphasis should be placed in both disciplines.

SEO is for everyone

Today Search Engine Land posted a great piece which made claim to the fact that SEO Remains a Viable Marketing Strategy for Anyone. Danny Sullivan argues that SEO is valuable for both big and small sites and that quality content still remains supreme. It’s tough to argue against the benefits of SEO, yet there are still skeptics. Google and other search engines change their ranking algorithm regularly and the work of a true SEO professional is never really finished. There’s always room for improvement. It should also be noted that no amount of SEO, or any marketing for that matter, will help save a lackluster product, service, or website.

Social is growing up

Although social media marketing isn’t as mature as SEO currently is, it’s still a growing chunk of the internet marketing equation and shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s a large group that still remains hesitant to get active with social media due to a lack of understanding or fear of failure. It’s true that online conversations can never be fully controlled and thus a certain level of vulnerability is always present, however conversations can be influenced and new customers and traffic can be won over. Opportunities do exist through social network marketing and at minimum are worth at least exploring. Nobody has cracked the code when it comes to social media, but it’s unwise to neglect it as a viable marketing option.

Both go hand in hand.

This past December Google and Bing let the world in on a little secret that many had already speculated to be true: links that are shared through Twitter and Facebook help contribute to search engine rankings. It’s also known that social networking sites and blogs pass along a favorable amount of SEO juice. Taking into consideration that conversations across the social web can help increase backlinks and SEO can help further online conversations, it’s only more proof that SEO and social must work together as part of a bigger strategy.

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