In-Store Product Scanning With Phones Gains Traction

Seattle Tech and Online Marketing Roundup for Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Power of Velveeta: Shopkick Announces 3 Million Product Scans TechCrunch

Winning over brands as well as consumers is the gameplan for Palo Alto’s Shopkick, the upstart app squaring off against Foursquare. Kickbucks redeemable at a wider array of stores for everything from soup to nuts and beyond keep customers coming back, so everyone’s a winner.

‘Heartbroker’ dating service gets a reality check from friends TechFlash

Heartbroker wants to harness the power of social networks to bring lonely hearts together in a revolutionary way. The Seattle-based service relies on input by Facebook friends to make matches, counting on strength in numbers to win out over a traditionally solitary practice.

Marchex expands call advertising with Canada’s Yellow Pages deal TechFlash

An arrangement with Canada’s Yellow Pages gives Seattle-based Marchex a giant growth spurt that has already triggered a major hiring spree. Utilizing communication services like Skype, the call advertising company is gearing up to handle over a third of a million new advertisers who receive valuable data in return for a fee.

SEO Tip of the Day – Building Links with Badges

One approach to linkbuilding that can be effective is to offer a badge that people can place on their site to show that they have been recognized or have met specific requirements. The badge is usually a well designed image that links back to a site. One example is Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University badge that they award to people who watch a free series of lectures and pass an exam. Google also provides badges to individuals who have earned certification with Adwords. Creating a list of the top blogs in your industry and providing a badge can also be effective like AdAge’s Power 150, a list of top marketing related blogs. One key is to have a great design to encourage people to want to add the badge to their site.

This great video from SEOMoz that discusses finding a hook to effectively build links

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