Incredibly Simple Tactics for Impoving Blog Posts

Becoming a GREAT blogger takes years of refinement, an abundance of writing talent, and an almost insane level of commitment, however improving your blog posts doesn’t always require a lot of work. In fact it can be argued that taking your posts to another level may require very little effort on your part, but rather a change in habit. By adding small, but powerful changes, one could quickly improve the quality of their blog posts almost immediately.

Consider using some of these tactics next time you sit down to write your next post.

Create smart headlines

The headline is the most important part of the post so give it the attention it deserves. Why should I read your post? Grab the readers attention, spark their curiosity, ask a question, or offer a solution. Boring headlines often equal boring blog posts and the strength of the headline will often be a deciding factor if the post gets read or passed over. Don’t underestimate the power of a smart headline.

Use pictures

Although not a requirement, a picture is a quick and easy way to compliment your writing and draw a reader in. A well chosen picture is the icing on the cake when it comes to blog posts. Don’t know where to find pictures? I highly recommend looking at Wylio as a resource for royalty free images.

Cut out the excess

One easy way to spruce up your posts is to consolidate them. Cut out excess words and sentences that don’t add value to what’s trying to be said. Eliminate duplicate ideas and boil down your posts to concrete ideas. There isn’t anything wrong with a long post so long as the material is warranted. The less fluff the better.

Break up text for easier reading

Don’t make readers work harder than they have to. Make it easy to scan the post and identify key concepts. Nothing screams frustration more than big chunks of text that aren’t broken up into more digestible pieces.

Show some personality

The key word is some. Blog posts shouldn’t sound like research papers (unless that’s your niche). Make it fun. Share a story. Make it personable.

Start and finish strong

Does your blog have a well written introduction and closing? Do your final thoughts tie together with your opening ones? Invest extra time to make sure the “bookends” of your post are well written.

Blogging isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either. A little extra effort can go a long way in increasing the quality of your posts. Got a suggestion? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. Excellent tips. I didn’t know about Wylio. It looks like a great way to find Creative Commons photos.

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