Intellectual Ventures Cooks Up Life Changing Inventions in Bellevue

Seattle Tech Roundup for Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Three-Month Ice to Fast Broadband Everywhere: Some Projects You Might Not Know About From Intellectual Ventures Lab Xconomy

Seattle tech startups may get more press, but Bellevue’s Intellectual Ventures is cooking up life changing concepts, funded in part by founder Nathan Myhrvold’s philanthropic former boss, Bill Gates. An inexpensive malaria diagnostic device, a “perma-freeze” thermos that extends vaccine viability, and amazing antennas that turn the technology behind a sci-fi staple to practical purpose are just a few current projects at the lab that generates hundreds of patented inventions annually.

Massive failure at Amazon Web Services causes havoc for Quora, Foursquare and others GeekWire

The effects of a major outage at Amazon’s Web Services and Elastic Compute Cloud are reverberating across the online universe. AWS hosts an array of applications from unaffiliated companies, so connectivity issues disrupt operations for a plethora of popular websites.

ManDeals launches new daily deal site, just for the dudes GeekWire

The brainchild of school teacher Coby Dilling, ManDeals is set for a Seattle debut of online daily deals for the “neglected” demographic, with other markets soon to come. Echoing the man-centric approach adopted by recent arrival Dealometry, the startup aims to distinguish itself from Groupon and its army of imitators by providing ongoing promotions that encourage repeat customers.

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